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Mar 252013

You know I love some good toddler toys- toys that entertain the little ones. Even better if the toys are cheap and new to the kid. A new toy is always cooler and more fun than a familiar toy. I wrote about other toddler toys here, here, and here. This project is so darn easy you will probably make two or three of these!

Here is how I made this!

Squishy worms sensory bag- a dollar store DIY toddler toy

  1. Get a ziploc baggie and fill it with dollar store hair gel. It’s better if the gel is colored.
  2. Toss into the baggie some dollar store figurines. I used multi-colored worms.
  3. Reinforce all four edges of the baggie with heavy-duty duct tape.

Supervise your child while he/she plays with this!

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